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31. January 2017

The NEW Golf in Ski amadé Card offers an unlimited golfing experience on many golf courses nearby.

For example, you can play 18 holes in Radstadt in the morning and 9 holes in Schladming in the afternoon and you only need 1 green fee – depending on your mood.


You will receive the GOLF IN Ski amadé Card according to your requirements

  • 3 days for € 174, –
  • 4 days for € 232, –
  • or 5 days for € 290, –

You can on these days play unrestrictedly at all GOLF IN Ski amadé courses.

GOLF IN Ski amadé is a working group of golf clubs:


  • Radstadt
  • Alpendorf St. Johann
  • Goldegg
  • Gastein
  • Dachstein-Tauern
  • Castle Pichlarn
  • Weissenbach and
  • the associated tourimus associations… with the aim of ensuring a joint, strong brand presence of the Golf region.
    Daily 150 fun tracks with the GOLF IN Ski amadé Card!
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